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"It covers just
about every way
I can think of
to make a living
as a writer."

Shel Horowitz

Tips and Techniques for Writing $uccess

"Here are 24 million reasons

why you should read this . . ."


Learn how to write stronger, do business smarter and make money faster.

There are a reported 24 million creative writers in the United States alone. The sad truth is that 95% have never been published.

Are you one of the 95%?

Do you want to join the successful 5%?

Why stop there?

I can show you how to join the 5% of published writers, and how to join a select group of published scribes ~ enterprising, wealthy writers.

Hi. I'm Michael Meanwell, author of 'The Enterprising Writer' and 'The Wealthy Writer' ~ two books that show writers how to earn a Six-Figure Income from Freelance Writing.

You can too! When you use the Write Tools.


"You can be a successful, part-time or full-time writer ~ if you know . . ."

  • How to write for the hottest commercial markets (they pay well and are crying out for writers)
  • How to approach businesses, corporations and editors (especially when they aren't aware they need a writer)
  • How to customize your writing style to suit niche markets
  • How to hone your literary skills to work with specific industries and businesses


"You can be a wealthy writer ~ if you know . . ."

  • How to set up and launch a sustainable home-based business
  • How to convert prospects into clients
  • How to turn clients into advocates (this is the secret to the most powerful and inexpensive form of promotion)
  • How to keep clients satisfied and happy to help build your business
  • How to handle slow-paying and no-paying clients
  • How to get organized and stay productive
  • How to promote yourself online and offline
  • How to achieve your writing dreams and enjoy working for yourself


I will show you how to accomplish all of this and more.

"Most importantly, I will show you how to work on your business while you work in your business"

The key to being an enterprising, wealthy writer is not just writing well (sure, that's important), the key is conducting and managing a business well. That's the main area where most writers fail, and that's why most fail in business.

It's all in my books which you'll find in bookstores. But here, you'll find a special e-book edition combining the text of the printed books with bonus material not found anywhere else. This includes extra case studies, writing samples, business forms, templates and other information. Plus, a bonus e-book, 'Quote Unquote', featuring a wide range of inspirational quotes for writers.

This Special Edition of 'The Wealthy Writer' shows you how to develop business and literary skills, and employ the right principles for running a successful enterprise. You can download it immediately, and read or print the PDF file on either a PC or a Mac.

In this 27~chapter, 400-page e-book, I'll share with you what works for me, what hasn't ~ and how you can sharpen your literary skills and apply proven marketing and business strategies to build a sustainable career as a writer.

You'll have access to a range of templates which you can use, including forms for quotations, purchase orders and client briefs, to name a few.

You will also discover how and what I have produced for both large corporations and small businesses. Included is a range of real client communications, such as PR releases, DM letters, ads, speeches, newsletters and brochures. I explain the strategy behind the communications, the approach I took and the end result for the client.

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Do you want to be inspired by the Masters of Writing?


Then you should read 'Writers on Writing'.

This unique e-book couples more than 360 poignant quotations from classic and contemporary writers with over 150 positive affirmations written by me specifically for you, today's writer.

'Writers on Writing' offers you an insight into the inner workings of some of the greatest wordsmiths of all time. From Asimov, Beckett and Chekhov to Twain, Wodehouse and Wilde ~ these and 240 more writers share the secrets to their profession.

And my original writer's affirmations help inspire and motivate you to achieve your full potential.





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the process, and more.



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"One of the most
thorough and down to
earth guides to the
realities of writing."

Gary Hendrickson
Internet Infopreneur